Google has been asked to remove movie indexing websites from search results

From TorrentFreak:

In its complaint the MPAA asks Google to take down specific URLs, including the MovieFork homepage. In another it asks for the domain to be delisted along with that of fellow YouTube movie indexing site

But despite the nature of the sites, Google refused to comply with the MPAA’s requests. Google’s own Transparency Report shows it took “no action” in respect of the takedown notices and searching for the precise URLs with Google search reveals they are still indexed, with none of the sites’ homepages being delisted either.

Copyright maximalists keep doing their job, thus preventing free circulation of innovation and strongly damaging consumers’ welfare. Google has refused to comply with this request, but what will it do in the future? These guys are really willing to sue everyone of us: time has come to let the legislators feel the urgency of changing copyright laws in order to grant more freedom to consumers and competitors.

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