Should we educate copyright infringers or copyright holders?

Quoting an article published on TorrentFreak:

In an effort to curb online piracy, earlier this year the movie and music industries reached agreement with the UK’s leading ISPs to send warnings to alleged copyright infringers.

As we previously revealed, the Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (VCAP) will only apply to P2P file-sharing and will mainly focus on repeat infringers.

The monitoring will be carried out by a third-party company and unlike other warning systems there won’t be any punishments. The main purpose of the warnings is to alert and educate copyright infringers, in the hope they will move over to legal alternatives.

“The main purpose of the warnings is to alert and educate copyright infringers. ”

“to alert and educate

I hope you’ll find out where the problem lies: what if the ones who need to be educated are copyright holders and not copyright infringers? Infringers’ behaviour is an answer to supply issues: piracy exists and is so healthy because the entertainment industry does not want to renew its business model, that is to say, a comprehensive educational and training process should target the people who hold copyright, not the people who infringe it.

Contrary to the industry, pirates are on the right side of history.

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