Born in 1990 in Milan, Italy. I attended the Liceo Classico Parini, the oldest Italian public high school, founded in 1774.

I graduated in July 2009 with a final dissertation on the economic effects of migration, available here (in italian).

I obtained a Bachelor in economics at Università Bocconi in 2013, now I live in Brussels, where I am pursuing a MRes in economics within the doctoral program of ECARES, Université Libre de Bruxelles.

I have worked for Radio Popolare, the most important italian independent radio station, Working Capital, a venture capital fund owned by Telecom Italia, and Oilproject, the biggest italian online school.

I am a member of Possibile, an Italian political party that wants to bring social democracy to the XXI century and to replace the Partito Democratico as the main left-wing party.

I have no financial position of any type.

On this blog you can find posts, articles and links on economics, Italian and international politics, intellectual monopoly, renewable energies and energy policy broadly speaking.

For further info see my CV (English) (Italian) (Francais).

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